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 Titled Unsettled Shell , PONDER.ER debuts its first seasonal collection during Paris

Fashion Week Men’s as a continual exploration of how garments as our second skin

reflects fragments of the life growing up as a modern man. Blending traditional

menswear details with textures inspired by an array of abandoned objects such as

a discarded mattress and mounted tarpaulins on the streets of the creative duo’s

home city – Hong Kong, PONDER.ER strengthens its focus in disrupting familiar

forms through delicate textile manipulations.

A delicate lace knit polo shirt is paired with intricately smocked semi-transparent

nylon trousers printed with hand drawn objects of Hong Kong; White poplin shirts

and trench coats are crumpled and liquefied whilst a pair of men’s boxers shorts

and denim jacket are constructed in see through mohair cable knit. Conventional

Menswear pieces have been reimagined and contemporised into garments with

new identities, inviting the viewers to rethink the definition of masculinity and the

role of gender in fashion.

Throughout the collection, these objects of masculinity are being fragmented,

liquefied and recreated to look fragile and unsettling. This design process stays

true to the brand’s core value of embracing the beauty of male vulnerability, while

expressing frustrations towards social norms and gender stereotypes.

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