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PONDER.ER AW22 collection “FORMULA UNCATEGORISED” is the brand’s next chapter in exploring the concept of “masculine adventurousness”, the obsession with speed and behav- iours that exude danger. PONDER.ER continues its journey of challenging the limitations of categorising fashion with gender, and through a design perspective, questioning the existing structures of gender stereotypes in our society and industry.

The elements of auto racing and motorsports are dissected and liquified through the brand’s signature textile developments and manipulations. The unique craft of hand-crochet nylon tapes has become a major story of the season, in combination with digital print, the strong graphics associated with the sport have been reinterpreted.

Spiral structures and twisting patterns, together with intricate mix-textile panelling features are seen throughout the collection. The brand’s evolving smocking technique has also been utilised to distort familiar forms, one of the brand’s core design cultures. Hand-crochet, knit and woven textiles are blended seamlessly together to produce not only a strong graphic effect, but also products that are both elegant and experimental. In terms of the element of touch and feel, natural fibres such as wool and mohair are more frequently used, sustain- able material such as Tencel is also a fresh addition to the collection, with an intention to achieve a balance between creativity and comfort.

With lots of uncertainties under the current unpredictable social atmosphere around the world, PONDER.ER continues with its search for romance in unexpected places.

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