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PONDER.ER AW23 “DIRTY LAUNDRY” is about exploring the sensual relationship between garments and the wearers, the brand continues to alter the narrative of modern masculinity through twisting familiar forms and structures. The creative process started with reimagining a college boy’s daily laundry, and reshaping these every day layers into one-of-a-kind designs.

Smocking, a technique that has become the brand’s staple has been utitlised throughout the collection to transform and liquify these nostalgic elements into new ideas. The brand’s original diamond-shaped smocking technique has been expanded to a wider range of outerwear pieces such as bomber jackets and trenchcoats. Denim and materials with washed and frayed effects continue to form a core story for the collection, with environmentally conscious selections such as the use of Tencel and textiles from ADVANCE DENIM, one of the leading denim mills in China dedicating its efforts to material innovation and sustainability. The manufacturing process of these denim products is highly monitored, maximising the use of sustainable and recyclable raw materials, and the effectiveness of wastewater treatments.

Textile manipulation is one of the brand’s core developments, in this collection we see a clash of knit and hand-crochet crafts. Digitally printed hand-crochet fragments made out of recycled deadstock polyester tapes are being intricately blended into sheer mohair structures. Hand-crochet merino wool insertions are also seen being implemented in T-shirts, cardigans and jackets, propelling the brand’s journey of repurposing traditional crafts and classic materials.

With “DIRTY LAUNDRY”, the brand questions how much do what we wear every day truly represent us and how much are we influenced by the mass media and the popular culture. With the mindset of communicating with the audience through fashion, PONDER.ER takes on the challenge of repositioning the sensory aspects of a classic men’s wardrobe.

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