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Where A Man Belongs

As the next chapter of the brand’s storyline, “Where A Man Belongs” continues to explore the identities of cowboys in a contemporary context. Checks and plaids, commonly seen in western style garments are being twisted and reconfigured into abstract forms, play- fully resonating with the curvy decorative stylelines carefully placed in the majority of the pieces in the collection.

Textures and prints are once again the focus of the collection, often used in conjunction with one another to produce a strong graphic effect. The brand’s signature HUG shirt is reinvented with distorted patterns directly printed on top, materials such as faux leather and wool are used with PONDER.ER’s signature treatment of liquefying shapes and known garments. Frayed and lace knitwear structures have additionally added vulnerability to the looks.

The brand has also invested more time in developing their ideas with sustainable materials, the pandemic has presented the brand the opportunity to reflect on the way designers produce and create. Deadstock fabrics from factories in China are used through- out the collection, with a selection of nylon and denim textiles being cut into thin tapes for hand-knitting. Fabric wastes are given a new purpose through craft and innovative experiments.

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