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Pleasure To Burn

“PLEASURE TO BURN” explores and plays with the stereotypical notions

of masculinity and gender roles commonly seen in vintage cigarette commercials in the 1950s &

1960s. Toying with these classic visual clichés and outdated (quite often politically wrong) slogans,

PONDER.ER offers a playful twist to how the media has shaped these social constructs in

relation to gender.


Featuring softened cowboy-inspired looks and diverse personalities, PONDER.ER presents its

imaginative label-free world, celebrating gender fluidity and the pleasure of self-expression. As a

cigarette break to toxic masculinity and restricted gender roles, go on a ride with PONDER.ER as

this smooth yet rich genderless flavour flows through to you.




Film Produced by TEO STUDIO by Daniel Teo & Tanley Lau
Photography: Ken Ngan
Styling: Inggrad Shek
Set Design & Production: POINT STUDIO
Styling assistant: Remki Arashi
Make-up: Jenny Shih & Eddy Liu
Hair: Winky Wong & Him Ng
Voiceover: Asher Norris
Models: Amy Tong, Jack Ip, Jasmine Cheuk, Juliet Cheung, Pakting Leung, Takuro Hama Cheung


Belts in collaboration with SWEETLIMEJUICE 

Crochet Cowboy Hats by Elaine Lip

Print & Illustrations by Angus Kiu

From Studio PONDER.ER: Valerie Lai, Neville Lam, Candy So 


Sponsored & Presented by Fashion Farm Foundation

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