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PONDER.ER x HUG   by YanYuFeng 

In collaboration with hug, the iconic multi-brand concept store in Chengdu, the exhibition is titled “Where A Man Belongs”. It is an extention of PONDER.ER’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, with garments shown alongside the series of photographs. The title came from the inspiration of the collection, which is the American cowboy-themed cigarette campaign back in the 60’s. It portrayed the stereotypical appearance of how a man should look: strong and rough. 

However, when the same concept is applied to PONDER.ER, it gives a contrasting meaning, which we found interesting to play with. we hope to explore different male qualities, and reveal that it’s not as singular as we perceive. Yufeng once mentioned that the qualities of human beings are complicated, which is why one should never be defined by the idea of gender. The relationship between gender stereotypes and fashion has been inevitably strong. Not only is it linked to how people think they should be dressed but also how society thinks we should be dressed.

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