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PONDER.ER SS22 collection “LOVE FOR SPEED” once again draws inspirations from the standard concept of masculinity, the qualities and behaviours associated with men. The collection focuses on the “masculine adventurousness”, how the manbox encourages men to engage in risk-taking activities that are often related to speed, power and sometimes a permission to harm themselves/ others. These acts of recklessness and liberation are digested through different perspectives, and interpreted with the brand’s signature style of liquifying and twisting known structures and concepts.

Auto racing serves as a starting point for the collection, elements of the sport can be seen through the collection’s unique textiles, colours and garment details. A combination of smocking and print have been utilized throughout the collection which results in not only a strong graphic impact, but also ties in with the brand’s core culture of distorting familiar forms. The ideas of panelling and insertions are heavily developed; in the area of knitwear, we can see handknitted structures being incorporated into different pieces, while the element of sheerness has been further experimented. Intricate knit- ted strcutures have been applied to traditional auto racing garments such as bodysuits and overalls.

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