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PONDER.ER SS23 Collection “MISFIT” is inspired by the highly popularised American college-style trend during the 90s and 00s, and how this has shaped the form of masculinity portrayed in mass media and our society. The brand once again reinterprets elements from mainstream popular cultures into boundary-breaking forms of gender fluidity, extending the brand’s journey of exploring the undefined beauty of not fitting in.

Denim plays a significant role in this collection; Utilising the brand’s signature smocking technique, these familiar objects and details are liquified and altered into brand-new shapes that are both innovative and versatile in terms of wearability. Staying true to the original looks and details of the inspirations, denim trims and washed effects are seen complimenting the craft of smocking. Throughout the collection, nostalgic elements such as varsity badges, stripe patterns, college hood- ies and slogan t-shirts have been reimagined with new textures and proportions.

A blend of unique fabrications and textile developments have formed a core thread, bringing together each look that playfully reshapes the viewers’ understanding of items commonly seen in high-street stores. The continual story of hand-crochet has been magnified through experimenting with different materials and patterns. Since the beginning of developing this one-of-a-kind tech- nique, deadstock and leftover fabrics have been remade into rolls of fabric tapes, and reconstructed into variety of patterns and structures through the combination of hand-crochet and digital print- ing. In this season the idea of a circular development has been pushed further with styles made completely out of carefully sourced deadstock materials from garment factories in China, putting emphasis on the concept of reusing waste materials.

“MISFIT” breathes in new definitions to the term “cool kids” and encourages the audience to discover and embrace diversity and uniqueness within our society.


Photographer: Zhangyifan

Hair and Make-up: Sis6 

Model(s): M: Huang JianYi (Maxime)

                 F: Maria Z (MG)

Team: Patty, Xiao Lin, Zheng Xike, Shang

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