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“In fact, a local mindset is key for the designers, who recently showed film titled UNSETTLED SHELL by Teo Studio at the first digital edition of London Fashion Week, which they call a “a love-hate letter to identity, gender and our home-city, Hong Kong during this time of self-reflections when the world is on pause”. Seven creatives from the city feature, including fellow designer Jason Mui of Hong Kong-based Yat Pit, and drag artist and activist Muschi.”

AnOther Magazine


Ever since we started our brand, we have been working with local talents and

incorporating elements from local cultures into our work. Under the current pandemic,

we strongly feel that this is the time for creatives to come together and to support each

other. Therefore we have initiated the project “UNSETTLED SHELL” collaborating with

local artists and creatives. The concept film is the first part of our project, inspired by

the idea of self-isolation.


We built the brand based on our journeys growing up, as one of the featured artists Jason said in the film,

““Masculinity is about confidence and freedom”. With PONDER.ER,

we encourage our community to embrace their vulnerability and inner-softness.

Model: Jason Mui | Wilson PK | Skene Milne | Rose Ng | Xin Li | Rita Chan | Espen Cook
Videographer: Daniel Teo
Photographer: Xin Li

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